How to Stay Safe When Meeting with a Sugar Daddy 

Sugar Date Safe

Meeting a sugar daddy can be an exciting venture, but it can also compromise your safety. It’s even riskier if your date doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Below are smart tips to help you stay safe when meeting with a sugar daddy.

Talk on the phone before meeting

Before you jump into a face-to-face meeting, you should talk over the phone. You can have the conversation via phone, Skype, or email. The way the conversation goes will determine if the sugar daddy is worth meeting. Generally, the first call serves as the gut-check. You’ll know his personality before you commit your heart on a date that has the potential to turn sour. The way the conversation goes will determine if there’s good chemistry. If there’s no connection, find a genuine way to end the call. But to keep the conversation balanced, you should ask him questions about himself too.

Don’t give out your personal information right away

Never give your full name, official email, social media accounts, or contact address. Instead, create a separate sugar daddy email and have a second phone number. Once you register your account online, you should perform an identity check. Any discussion of meeting face-to-face should be done online. Use apps to message each other. Still, one or two conversations are not enough to trust them. Keep your details to yourself until you earn their trust. But no matter how discreet you want to be, never give untruthful information.

Meet in public places

Always proceed with caution on your first date as a sugar baby. Even if you’ve built a strong connection, you should never meet in their home or hotel room. When you meet in a public area, you’ll have many witnesses in case the man is a weirdo. Some of the safest places to meet for the first three dates include the coffee shop, a public park, bookstore, and fun places. It’s much safer if you meet during the day. Have an escape plan ready in case the date turns sour. Although most sugar daddies are friendly, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Perform an identity-check

Try to gather as much information as possible like his name, contact details, and whether he has a family. If the sugar daddy tells you he’s the CEO of a certain company, confirm on their official website. Furthermore, Google his name, phone number, and the city he claims to live. You can also run his email address through different social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. If you find some questionable information, follow your gut and cancel the date immediately. The last thing you want is to allow your emotions to get the best of you. Some men can be extremely convincing, so make sure the necessary bond is created. You never know—he has probably said the same word to other girls. Desperation can lead sugar babies to fall for fake men. Use top-rated websites to avoid meeting sugar daddies who want to take advantage of naive women. 

Have your transport ready

Sometimes, dating a sugar daddy can be a nightmare. You can get hooked up with someone obnoxious, rude, or just not your type. There’s a possibility that the personality of the person you’ve been chatting with online is different from what you get on the actual date. If you’re meeting a stranger, having a means of transport can be a lifesaving idea. You can either park your car at a strategic position or call an Uber in case things get weird. A general rule of thumb is never to get in his car on the first date. You need to trust him first before you give him any sexual favors.

Keep your friends and family on the loop

If you’re in college, you should let your roommates know where you are when you go to meet a sugar daddy. If you live with your parents, let your family members know your whereabouts. Give them your location and when they should expect you back. Also, send them the name and phone number of your sugar daddy if you feel comfortable doing so. If you don’t return on time, they will know the action to take. While this may sound a little overboard, your family members can get worried if you go out with a stranger. Little things start to add up quickly, and when there’s no face in the picture, your loved ones can get curious.

Don’t leave your food and drinks unattended

Even if you’ve met your sugar daddy for a couple of days, you should avoid drinking any beverage you leave unattended. The last thing you expect is that your date will slip drugs in your drink, but it can happen. Don’t accept any drink from the bartender unless you open yourself. To be on the safe side, avoid leaving your drink at the table on the first date. The same applies to food. If you rush to the washroom and leave your food on the table, you should not eat it. All of this sounds extreme, but trust us—date rape drugs are real.

Don’t receive gifts from a sugar daddy without protecting yourself

If your sugar daddy asks for a bank account, give them an alternative account like PayPal and Skrill, among others. You can also give them an alternative postal address if they want to send a package. No matter how real he may look, don’t give your real address. This doesn’t mean that you should not appreciate your sugar daddy’s generosity. Keep in mind that you’re a sugar baby because you want more. The gifts should come without demands, begging, or stress.

Never get too comfortable

One of the challenges of dating a sugar daddy is the uncertainty that comes with it. As the relationship progresses, you may be tempted to get comfortable. Don’t do it! This bond can always backfire when the excitement wears off. It can be quite hard to shift things back around. Plus, you’re not trying to marry the guy! You simply want his money, credit cards, and attention.

When it comes to dating a sugar daddy, safety should be your number one concern. If you’re completely new to this concept, it can be a bit scary and confusing. Be sure to follow the above tips to stay safe when meeting your sugar daddy.

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